Rosa webbiana var. nanothamnus

I got my first germination today using pollen of this species. Does anyone know anything about it?

I have a picture posted of the blossom. I received the plant from Joan Monteith.

The species description say it should be white but I see other pictures posted also of in interesting pink color.

I wonder if I have R. webbiana instead?


Dude! Where’s my rose?

Does that help?

Thanks Jadae, I found this photo too but I can’t imagine Joan would label something nanothamnus unless she were fairly certain of provenance?

To be honest my specimen doesn’t look exactly like any of the R. webbiana photos I’ve seen nanothamnus or not.

As we know we have to allow for gewnetic diversity. I’m calling my clone nanothamnus until proven otherwise.

Joan if you read this thread please advise.

I was pleased to observe webbiana is section Cinnamomae, the same as R. california and R. davidii.

There should be some good disease resistance here.

Thanks, Robert

Robert, My plants are from OP seed (that I was sent–I’ve never seen the original plants). They don’t match any description I can find and I’ve suspected they were hybrids. Sorry for the confusion.


No problem Joan. Have you raised any hybrids using them? Perhaps R. webbiana is a better description? Or I could say R. nanothamnus seedling?

At any rate I like it. The growth habit is odd, very angular. Any information you could share is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Robert