Rosa sinowillsionii ploidy

I am a bit confused between wilsonii and sinowilsonii. None of my books show wilsonii yet it is shown on–

HMF lists wilsonii as a PIMP hybrid yet the list shows it as a CINN.

The reason I ask is because I own Mix and Match and am trying to guess it’s ploidy which contains sinwilsonii. Is there a mistke somewhere or am I completely missing something?

Mix n Match-

One of my books says Rosa sinowilsonii is similar to and sometimes considered synonymous with R. longicuspis, a member of the Synstylae group, therefore sinowilsonii is almost certainly a diploid. The book says it is a vigorous climber with leaves up to one foot long, so it should be hard to miss! It also says it does best in warm climates.

Oh, and the same book says there is R. wilsonii hort. and R. wilsonii Borrer. The former is merely a horticultural name that is synonymous with R. gentiliana, another rambling Synstylae, while the latter is the one referred to in Hurst’s work (as R. wilsoni) and according to him, it is a regular hexaploid. That makes me think it’s likely to be a member of Cinnamomeae, but of course I may be wrong.

Whoa. Very interesting and thank you very much =)

It will be interesting working with Mix and Match if it ever produces anything. It’s a gorgeous plant–flowers a little plain but there’s always a ton of them.