Rosa rugosa x Nigrette

I know it has numerous critics, but Nigrette performs really well for me. I’d love to have that color on a plant that’s cane-hardy here in Zone 5, however, nearly all of my crosses with it - even rugosa alba - are sickly, struggling plants. This is the healthiest exception, though it does have Nigrette’s small stature. On the bright side, it’s very freely branching.


I hope you obatain that really dark color on this one.

Thanks Rob. The chances are slim (but my fingers are crossed).

I love Nigrette too. Someone gave me a small own root plant. The colour and the fragrance are wondeful and it reeblooms very well. This year I put pollen on it, but the hip didn’t develop. but I took pollen from Nigrette on some plants too, now Sissi Cl. has one hip of it growing very big like all hips on Sissy Cl.
There are just 3 descendants in first generation of Nigrette in HMF, one of it is this cross with pollen from Peace.

I hope your rose will have a dark colour! Good Look!

Wouldn’t it bee nice, to cross Nigrette with Blue for you? I think, I’ll try this next year.