Rosa rugosa alba

Hi everyone.

I have a silly question. I was wondering if R. rugosa alba was used as a parent, would the progeny have any pinks, mostly pinks, or all pinks, if it were crossed with a white Altai rose, or would it only pass on white?

I raised my first rose seedlings this year, and so far have only been able to germinate the R. rugosa and R. rugosa alba seeds, no wonder rugosas are so often used for breeding, as they’re quite easy to start from seed.


Koren in Saskatoon


I have raised R. rugosa alba X carolina (pink tetraploid North American species); these are all pink flowered.

I have also raised R. rugosa (pink) X spinosissima (white); these were mostly pink (with white centers), although one seedling had completely white flowers.

I have no idea, what would result from R. rugosa alba X spinosissima (white). It’s possible that the gene for white is different in the two species and that could allow for pink seedlings. Let us know what happens.



I would say that you would get all white progeny. Keep in mind that the seedlings will be triploids and likely will be viciously thorny. On the other hand, the seedlings should be quite fragrant too.


Thanks guys,

I wasn’t actually going to make that specific cross, I just needed the example of altai, a white rose that I know would not lend any other colors, to my knowlege.

The “alba” form of any plant has always interested me. I find white flowers of any kind simply glow in the evening.


Viciously thorny triploids eh? I’ll be planting these two parents far, far apart…:slight_smile: