Rosa pendulina hybrids

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with R. pendulina hybridizations. I’m considering crossing with modern tetraploids (hybrid teas or floribundas). As far as I remember, the only pendulina hybrids are naturally occurring species crosses and old garden hybrids (Boursaults maybe? for example). Are there any more recent hybrids?

I’m using R. pendulina, but did only 3 crosses today with it as my plant it still small, and gave only 5 roses so far. I used the pollen of Love Potion, Queen Elizabeth on it, and its’ pollen on Dresden Doll mini moss. Last year I did cross with it a few times, but did not germinate the seeds as I lost the labels.

I have a hundred or so seedlings from R. pendulina, all with it as the male parent. My one try with it as a female (about 20 pollinations, 6 or more very diverse pollens) was a complete failure, although it sets OP hips. I typically still am getting frosts during its blooming period, and that probably doesn