Rosa nutkana

Hi everyone. I was wondering who may have R. nutkana handy. In the past I was able to get some samples, but there were some problems. I have been gathering data on the predictive ability of pollen diamter and stomate size on chromsome number and would love to include this species which is only listed as 6x. At the MN landscape arb theirs is 5x and may be from some op seed from another arboretum and be a cross of R. nutkana with some nearby tetraploid. I also got a sample from someone else and it was 4x- ? maybe a seedling from R. nutkana by some nearby diploid? I got some seeds of R. nutkana from Joan Monteith collected far from her home in the wild. They are 6x, but won’t bloom this year… I also got cuttings and pollen from another source, but the cuttings didn’t root and with all the problems so far of those growing it in cultivation I would really like to root a cutting and do root tip squashes to confirm it’s 6x. Sorry for such a long introduction. Is there someone who may have this species that would be willing to send me a few stems of it with flowers when it comes into bloom? I would really really appreciate it.

Thank you,


David, I’ll be happy to send you some pollen if mine blooms this year. For some reason, it didn’t bloom last year, maybe because it was a mild winter, and the plant didn’t go dormant.

Hi David,

I have a Nutkana which is just starting to bloom. I got it from the wild over 25 years ago.

I also have two Nutkana hybrids. A pink and a red.

Parents : ‘Shades of Pink’ X Nutkana, but these are not starting to bloom until June.

Can send you pollen if you wish of any of the three.

Sending you cuttings is not possible from Canada as it will be too long in the mail. Reason :

US Agriculture Inspection may not release the cuttings right away. Sometimes roses or cuttings (it happend to me before) may sit a whole week in a warehouse before being inspected and released.

I could send budwood in a small envelope later in June/July and take the chance. As a hybridizer friend in CA always does, I will write wood-cuttings on the custom declaration. It has worked for me before.

Send me an e-mail if you are interested. I will also e-mail you this message directly.

I have it also David. Let me know if you want some pollen/suckers. Bothe easily obtained.