Rosa Banksiae Banksiae

I’m going to prey alot and try (really hard!) to get some seeds off of my white double Lady Banks rose next spring, but it’s diploid and i need some good ideas for pollen parents. Weird and interesting ideas are welcome!!!

I have the double yellow one and grew it in a pot this past winter and smothered the relatively few blooms it had with diploid polyantha pollen. There are a few hips still remaining. Hopefully the seeds will germinate. Is it common to find op hips on either the white or yellow Lady Banks roses? Has someone germinated some? What have you gotten?



My Rosa banksia lutescens should be large enough to try next year. What I have noticed with the doubled flowered forms here is that the blooms rot asap since they bloom during the rainy season. Mine is sheltered (trying to grow it up an Austrian Black Pine) and single so we shall see. The possibility I see with banksia is thorn-free ground covers. Could you imagine that? I still remember 10+ years ago when Sea Foam was when of the few ground covers available. I also remember how painful it was to weed grass from it.

I got OP hips on banksiae: the single flowered ones and raised seedlings. Probably all selfed as that early I was not hybridizing.

Many things are unusual:

_the tiny hips are green rather late then turn brown then soften and fall suddenly without pedicel.

Beware they are quite attractive to rodents.

_fresh seeds are very difficult to germinate when year old seeds are easy.

_young plants all are very powdery mildew prone when a few years later they behave as the mother species does.

_all seedlings I got were allmost identical to the four known clones that is in the third year; either yellow or white and either single or full flowered with typical leaves and stems only departure is that some were spiny.

Thanks, that proves that the thornlessness is not just a selected sport mutation and can be passed on… interesting.

Is it unusual to get hips from Purezza? Has anyone grown any offspring from Purezza? I have an OP hip and everything around is repeat blooming, so the offspring will repeat, correct?

I’ve haven’t gotten stuff on Purezza. I’ve used pollen from R. kordesii, The Fairy, Golden Angel, Renae.

It seems to bloom much later than the species itself. That’s fine for me because the early Spring rain nearly always ruin my early pollinations.

I will attempt to use its pollen on Renae, Perle de Or, The Fairy, and the true Cecil Brunner next year.

I haven’t gotten a hip from Purezza. It does have some repeat bloom here, so I would think that you’d have a good chance of getting repeat-blooming seedlings from it.

Excellent! Thank you both. I wish I knew who had successful pollen. The best suspects (if not selfed) were polyanthas and chinas, maybe a couple of teas.