rosa acicularis

I have thickets of rosa acicularis on my property, and for two years running I have noticed two separate plants putting out a few late season blooms(completely ripe hips and flowers on the same stem). As I have never observed this phenomenon or found references of this anywhere else I am wondering if I have a sport.

Has anyone out there come across this either first hand or in written reference?



Hi CM,

I have a R.blanda that put out a single bloom in mid October last fall. I had never seen that on R.blanda before either. Also, I had seen a bloom or two on R.arkansana in September. R.arkansana has the capacity to send out a second flush, but usually in July or August.


CM, that sounds very interesting. It seems that those plants are definitely different. Have you tried them in any crosses with modern roses?

Jim Sproul

I haven’t tried the pollen yet on anything. However I do plan to cross it with some diploids in the hopes of getting tetraploid progeny. More on this when I have results though.