Rosa achburensis

Does anyone know this rose? I saw it at Wageningen Botanical Gardens among the Caninae and it repeat flowers. There were quite some flowers on the shrub, but also red ripe hips. It may be a mislabeled rose, but it looked quite species like to me (whatever that is :slight_smile:.


Rob, I googled it, and it is available in several places in Europe. Below is a link to my search. Or you may wish simply to go to Google and search for “Rosa achburensis”. It’s on RogersRoses too. One source says it does not repeat, but as you know sometimes roses that do not repeat are slightly remontant if the conditions are right.


Peter, as an English prof you are using a word like “googled”? What dictionary can I find this one in??? Just some harassment time for fun, but I guess that is how new words are coined and accepted today.

Try the Google dictionary? The language grows…and so must we. Most of us grow roses–and grow older.