Rooting Fortuniana

On rooting fortuniana. I’ve had some luck (borne from experience/experimenting). Part is based on understanding when fortuniana wants to grow, which is winter. My best takes have been from pencil sized approaching-a-year-old segments taken in late October and November. Thinner pieces didsn’t take and woody ones didn’t either. But the pencil sized almost yearlings did.

I root Fortuniana every Fall for rootstock. It roots reliably here.

I have emailed Dr. Byrne at Texas A&M to see what he knows. When I get a response I will share it with all of you.


Jim wrote: “You might want to email Dr. Byrne at Texas A&M to ask him.”

Done years ago: no reply.

I have emailed Dr. Byrne about 86-3 and gotten a response so I will take my chances on this one also.