Robert.... Your views on 'Sunny South'

Hi Robert,

I noticed on HMF you have images of the Alister Clark rose ‘Sunny South’ listed. I was wondering how you’ve found it and whether you’ve ever used it before? Mine is tiny right now (a recently struck cutting) but I am hoping it will be of flowering size next season.

Hi Simon, I decided not to use Sunny South.

Looking at the lineage again I probably should have given it at least some effort. I don’t remember that it set OP hips often.

Like most Clark roses it didn’t seem to tolerate our dry heat very well. It did look good certain times of the year, but that can be said of most roses.

If I were determined to get something out of it I’d probably use it for pollen.

I’ve got too many options for breeding material and too many pink roses already.

I gave ‘Sunny South’ to Sequoia Nsy.

Thanks for your reply Robert. It seems like a nice rose here and I was thinking of putting with a tea like Mons. Tillier, Comtesse de Labarthe (Duchesse de Brabant), Lady Hillingdon, or Safrano (or all four) to see what turns up.

Simon, as you can see from SS’s lineage, it’s a mixed bag genetically. I’d be curious to find out what it’s ploidy is.

You might have better luck getting it to set hips in your cooler conditions.

It is a nice rose. It’s definitely worth some experimentation. It’s nice too that it should be able to produce yellow if used correctly.