Ristinummi Bloom Size - single - breeding?

Can’t think of N/A equivalent spino - hardy hybrid for bloom size and color except maybe my yellows and white spino / altaica.

Waiting for my “maybe” or “not” but very hardy, robust pinked altaica (labelled as) to acclimatize to new ground and environment single bloom on sucker was small - btw way have a hard time believing altaica / spino - if so not likely a strong background (due to leaf form color and canes - conjecture but seeing is believing more in label).

As a part of long term program planning, wondering if any Northern European or other locales workers have tried hybridizing with it?

Large bloom size, single, c/w mild pinking and hardy, are main potentials for me.

And, of course, it is beautiful.

Hi minutifolia,

Have to agree, its simplicity gives beauty, like Scandinavian minimalist architecture that puts simple emotive feelings into design tangibles.

More … full hardy zone 4A CDN

This really looks to me like a hybrid involving R. spinosissima (or possibly a hybrid, like ‘Harison’s Yellow’) and R. rugosa (or maybe a hybrid)… which normally wouldn’t bode especially well for its fertility, but Jukka K’s photo of the plant full of hips on HMF looks very promising (even if that is not a common occurrence). It will be exciting to hear what you’re able to do with it.