RHA Admin please advise on this email I received a few hours back.....

I received an email with the following information (some info has been removed for privacy):

_**Dear George Varden,

Thank you for subscribing on Rose Hybridizers Association!

Your User ID: *********

Log-on to your member pages at:


Best Regards,

Rose Hybridizers Association


Is this a legitimate email from RHA?

**Is this a legitimate email from RHA?

It was an accidental email.

As John Moe mentioned we are looking for ways to provide the RHA newsletter digitally. A batch of emails were sent out inadvertently while testing some software for that. Please ignore it if it happens again.



As Peter said, we are working on ways to deliver the newsletter digitally. As I wrote in another thread, this is something that we must and will do, and we are working on it! Every member received this e-mail. It is a part of the testing process. Anyone who received this same e-mail, just delete it. You will be notified when this is working to our satisfaction.

Thank you,