Results of ARS Trial Garden

Does anyone know if the final evaluation for the trial grounds entries has been completed yet? Is it possible to see an evaluation form to see what criterion is used?

Annie, I don’t know when the current ARC trial grounds variety evaluations will be turned in. In the past (20+ years ago), the announcements were ready before the spring ARS meeting. Probably a lot depends on when the spirit moves the coordinator of evaluations to write up the results from this past season and get them to the ARS offices. In 1984 I found out only in March. Suggestion: Ask the folks at ARS, and if they don’t know yet they may gently or pointedly remind the person in charge to get the reports written up.


Dear Annie,

This was an answer to my question as to when the results would be available. My seedling was entered for 06 & 07.


Jack: 2006 entries will be considered winners for 2008. Usually I get the results Nov/Dec. As soon as I get them, I will let you know!

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