requesting information of rose

hello there

I want to estabilish a hydroponic greenhouse ,and I need more than 15000 young root of good varieties for producing the cutting rose.

would you please inform me about the places that I can buy them,

thank you in advance,

Zohreh khalilzad

What country are you in? I was visiting a nearby cut rose grower a couple weeks ago (Minnesota, USA). Since cut rose production is shifting to warmer climates where labor is less expensive, it is harder to find propagators that produce young grafted greenhouse roses for the US market. There is only one US source that they have which is in CA. They prefer to buy in plants from Holland where they have a better selection of varieties and they are grafted on a better rootstock, ‘Popeye’. There is a problem in ordering from Holland in that the beds they plant with such material are quarantined for two years. If they keep the beds really clean and inspected, the USDA will allow them to sell cut stems during those two years during quarantine.

The plants that this cut rose grower buys in have been grafted only about 6-8 weeks before they get them. The type of graft seems to be similar to a whip and tongue graft. May cut rose varieties have been reported to do well on their own roots, especially if grown hydroponically in rockwool. If importing roses is a problem for you, perhaps you can research which cut roses do well on their own roots and have an expired patent. You may choose to get some cut stems of them in and try to propagate them yourself from cuttings.