Request for photos

I am doing a program on budding roses for a rose society next week and am short of a couple of photos. The program will be in PowerPoint and need a couple of digital shots of the bud growing, maybe after it is pinched back and when the top foliage of the rootstock is cut away. I do have these in 35mm, but haven’t the capability right now to convert to digital. I was able to bud a plant and photo it the other day, but I can’t make it grow faster - LOL! I would appreciate it if someone can help, or steer me to a website where I could download a couple of photos. Thanks much.


John, I have some photos on a powerpoint and would be happy to send them to you.

Jim Sproul

Jim, that would be great. I am sure they are top quality! Looking forward to seeing them. Thank you. See you in Denver.