Repotting seedlings

As seedlings get to be 6 weeks old or so a lot of them seem to brown and harden below the cotyledons. It seems to be a defense mechanism to harden the rose near the soil or am I wrong about that?

In any case, when you repot do you pot in soil up to the cotyledons, up to where the brown stops, or keep the soil at the same level as in the original container? Just curious as to how you do it. Thanks.

I repot to the same level. The good news is there is not really any risk of damping off anymore.

Repot to the same soil level. The hardening of the stems is the seedling creating woody material which prevents damping off. Thats a good thing.



Thanks Philip and Paul. I’ve done it both ways, potting up to the cotyledons and potting up to soil level, but I can’t say I’ve paid enough attention to which seedlings survived. Perhaps this year I will.

Judith, First keep in mind that I have not been at this all that long, but I bury the cotyledons when I re-pot. I have not had any problems so far. I normally re-pot when the seedlings are out growing the 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch pots, so there are a fair number of leaves on them.


I bury mine a bit deeper than soil level too.