'Renae' a diploid, triploid; climbing floribunda, polyantha?

I’ve recently bought this and ‘Golden Angel’ from Ralph Moore’s Nursery. I had to have it. SO MUCH FLOWERS, and a nice wafting fragrance. I like to keep records, and am not sure what Renae is classified. Also, what is the parentage? Is it ’

‘Renae’ is fertile, mostly as a pollen parent. It’s parentage is recorded in Sequoia’s documents as ‘Etoile Luisante’ X ‘Sierra Snowstorm’. The other listing is considered to be an error in documentation.

Whether it is a diploid or a tetraploid is uncertain, but it does breed with many things. Use it for pollen.


Thanks Paul. I will use the pollen. I wonder how did this confusion occur?

Hi Enrique, I think this confusion is due to a conversation I had with Mr. Moore in which he told me that ‘Renae’ was a selfed seedling of ‘Etoile Luisante’. I asked Caroline at Sequoia Nursery to verify this parentage and she replied that it was indeed a self as were ‘Dancing Doll’ and ‘Caroline Dean’ per Mr. Moore. I forwarded the correction to Alex at HelpMeFind. As to whether there has indeed been documentation found to support the parentage as originally stated I can’t say. I am somewhat dismayed that the subject is still under consideration but I plan on asking again. I noticed that HelpMeFind has changed the parentage back to that previously listed. Thank you, Robert

Hi Enrique, ‘Renae’ does set hips once established and they are viable. The setting of the hips is rather inconsistent but improves as the plant settles in and becomes mature. Don’t prune it too much. ‘Renae’ does give relatively thornless offspring. Kim Rupert’s ‘Annie Laurie’ “McDowell” is thought to be a self of ‘Renae’ and is proving to be an even better plant is some ways. Some are calling it an “Improved Renae”. To me it shows some moschata character in the new growth. (Hybrid Musk?) ‘Annie Laurie’ is very nice and available from Ashdown. Thanks, Robert