rediscovered banksia hybrid

If you go to ashdownroses, you will find what appears to be Mansuino banksia hybrid called “Letizia Bianca”. Now I grow Purezza on it’s own root and it’s a great climber for 2 years. Another two years and it will become established.

And so when I see a new banksia rose from Mansuino, you know that got me intrested enough to consider buying it.

But this is a truly mystery rose. Can’t find it’s name in the older american rose annuals that I have. My only guess that this may be the open pollinated f2 plant on Cyberose talks about. Does anyone know anything about the parentage, the true size of the established plant, and etc? If it’s retrained like Purezza, I think it will be nice to have it as a companion.

‘Letizia Bianca, 1963; Mansuino; (Cavriglia)’ Modern Roses XI

Thanks Mark. That is real helpful. I will consider buying this once I’m able to find out the size. If I’m right, this may be one of those miniature bush banksias that Mansuino wrote about.

“Mansuino’s only climber was ‘Purezza’, a first-generation cross with a Tea rose, which is the only perpetual-flowering or remontant Banksian climber.” Charles Quest-Ritson. ‘Climbing Roses Of The World’ 2003


Mark, where did you get the info that Purezza was a cross with a tea?

I thought it was a cross with the miniature Tom Thumb.