Red sparkler

i am searching for this rose, also called rippled velvet. in lue of that, are there other varieties with a stable stripped genome/

I don’t think this rose is available. However if what you are looking for is something to pass on stripes you can use Pinstripe or Roller Coaster.

Thanks John. i dont really want to breed minis. Any suggestions on a ‘standard’ sized rose for this purpose/



Your best bet is to use ‘Pinstripe’ as a pollen parent and select for full-sized offspring. There will be some ninis in the seedlings, but larger plants also. You may be doing yourself a favor by choosing ‘Pinstripe’ because it is a proven breeder and it will tend to make your results more compact with a better branching habit. Striped roses tend to produce very leggy offspring, and a lot of climbers. If you don’t mind that, then ‘Ferdinand Pichard’ will produce some offspring of this type, however, it will also give you a lot of disease prone offspring. Again, ‘Pinstripe’ will do a better job. You might want to try ‘Scentimental’, but it has not proven itself as a breeder. I don’t know if it is fertile or not.



I checked and it appears that ‘Scentimental’ has some registered offspring, two of which are red and white stripes. It appears to work as both seed and pollen parent.


Hmmm, I was under the impression (borne up by very limited actual experience) that ‘Scentimental’ was much more fertile as a pollen parent than a seed parent.

My ‘Scentimental’ this year was low growing, but very prolific with blooms. It set no hips on its own and (I think) I tried to pollinate a few blooms which rapidly aborted. Some disease, but not too bad (I’m extremely low spray). Even if I wasn’t breeding, this would be a rose I’d want to have around.

Chris Mauchline

SE PA, zone 6

Looks like I’m off to market to buy some roses.

i ve used ferdinand Pichard, honorine de Brabant, Cmt. beaurepaire, an rosa mundi as parents. the stripes rarely breed true. the closest I ve come is a delicataXferdinand pichard. But like you say it is very spindly and bareley striped.


Scentimetal didnt set hips very well for me but the pollen was definately workable. Michellyn from Rosarians Corner got some strange colors out of it.


The striping characteristic is not a dominant trait and a very small percentage of any cross with show decent striping. You just have to select for good striping. Expect only a few seedlings from any cross will be worth saving.