Red Dawn X Suzanne pollen available

I now have Red Dawn X Suzanne pollen available. This is the old Simonet hybrid that contributed to many cold hardy hybrid lines. 'Red Dawn X Suzanne' Rose

I would like some, please.

I need a name and mailing address, please. I have no idea who you are!

Thank you, I sent the information through a pm.

P.S. … it’s great to hear from you again :slight_smile:

Paul, so very glad to see you back on the forum! How goes it with the little carnivorous guys? :wink:

Hi Philip!
I’m good. I’ve culled the Nepenthes out of the greenhouse (after five years I discovered - as many people do - what weeds they get to be… no fun) and reassigned that greenhouse for Heirloom Cattleyas. Much more fun!
Thanks for the warm welcome.


Hi Simon! How are you?

By the way, if I receive any requests for pollen where the person does not provide a full name and complete mailing address, you can assume I will ignore the request. I have no patience for folks who make me play a guessing game just to get a simple task like mailing pollen done. Thank you.

Sorry about that, I wasn’t sure of how this was done here.

It is good to see you back, too.

Yeah, wow, Paul. Who knew? I’m not familiar with them as they don’t imagine they’d like the arid calciferous soils of CenTex. But I just came across this image online:

This plant has bloomed out. I did not collect pollen so the offer has ended.