Red Dagmar Hastrup

I find this rose on Help Me Find. One of the supplier listed Breeder: Moore USA 1996. Is it Ralph? Is this a seedling of Dagmar Hastrup or has the name been used like the Yellow Dagmar Hatrup?

Well, I found a pic of it. I want to know more about it too now that I got a cheap Yellow Dagmar Hastrup.

Anyone knows that if it produces an occasional hip? I know and remember people reporting seedlings resulting from breeding from its’ pollen.


Apparently the parentage is unknown. I wrote Ralph Moore

about it and the answer was that it was not their development. It sets hips. I havea a Rosa acicularis x

Red Frau Dagmar Hastrup with single, bright pink flowers.


Took me a while to figure out the puzzle but here is the source. My second guess would have been a renamed Wildberry Breeze by J&P but I ran into this helpmefind glitch. It really is a nice looking rose, however.