Recommendation for an Electric Sprayer???

I have a Mantis that has gone through 2 batteries and the charging wires got messed up, so I had to jimmyrig it to charge up the batteries. Now the battery is dead again and I am interested in a replacement. Besides Spot Shot, does anyone have any experience with other sprayers having at least 10 gallon capacity??? What about Atomist and Boss sprayers.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Jim Sproul


The Atomist that I used to use only had a capacity of about a gallon and a half. It was very tuff on my back to carry this sprayer so I now use a commercial 14 gal Sharber that I purchased from a horticultural supply company. It goes in our garden cart and I power it with my recargeable power pack that is often used for a jump start. I still use a small pump up sprayer in the greenhouse.


The Atomist 1026 has a 1.5 gallon capacity, truly. BUT–that 1.5 gallons of spray will go a lot farther than 1.5 gallons does in a tank sprayer. How much farther? I don’t know, but the difference is significant. The difference will vary according to the settings you use. Other factors enter the picture too. For example, I don’t think I’d want to use the Atomist inside a greenhouse unless I had a really good mask and suit. For outside, it’s fine. And if you have dense foliage to penetrate, the Atomist is not for you. And, as John said, using the Atomist can be tough on the back. But for general spraying it does an excellent job with relatively little spray material.

All in all, I’m pleased with the Atomist I bought about 1980. For most of my purposes, it’s fine. But I also recognize that it’s not good for all purposes.

Thank you!


This is a cart that my husband designed and made that enables us to spray over 500 roses in less than an hour and a half.

Since this page went up, we’ve put on a stronger pump and it uses a third less spray for the same number of roses. Since Larry was able to do the work himself, the price was more than competitive.



Hey Ann and Larry:

That looks like a great set-up. Maybe you could market the spray wagon!


Now that’s a sprayer! You are going to be the envy of everyone that thakes a look at that link. Looks like a marketable product as Jim says.