For squirrels, make a dark roux, heavy on the onions.

For venison, any recipe calling for lots of spices.

Bow season for those not allowed black powder hunting.

And you’re not hunting, you’re doing a (fill in critter name here) reduction.

Was it a red or gray squirrel? I’ve got both but they haven’t bothered the roses yet.

I had a porcupine chewing my full grown roses last year. It took up residence under my garden shed. My husband shot it. This year it’s turkeys. I’ve got a 4foot high wire mesh fence around one garden that has stopped them so far along with the deer. But since they fly it won’t keep them out forever. The thing about squirrels is that there seems to be a never-ending supply, as soon as you shoot one there’s one in line taking over the territory. My husband calls them tree rats.

I think grey but Id have to get out a book to be accurate. I wont be killing him/her, though. Ive killed rats and moles before. Rats can get in your home. Moles destroy gardens en masse. But the minor squirell damage just isnt worth it. I can live with not being able to use a rose like Dortmund or Scent from Above for the year.

I mixed this concoction up one night after deer ate my first flush of buds and it has worked like a charm: one good spray bottle, fill 2/3 full of water. Add a few drops of dish soap, a few dashes hot pepper sauce, a good squirt of Asian fish sauce and a partially smashed clove of garlic. Havn’t lost a bud since. :slight_smile: Robyn