Re proliferation celebration

I seldom see proliferation on my roses, but one visit to a nearby garden was memorable because fully half of the Hybrid Teas had blooms with three or more buds emerging from each flower.

It was a normal (for us) winter. This garden is at Lake Junaluska, up at about 4000’ up in the Smokey Mountains and the lake is ringed, in part, by a well maintained garden of modern roses. The bushes are mature, well fertilized, watered and sprayed to keep them fungus free. Most of the year, the blooms are near perfect, and at that cooler altitude they grow very well in every season but winter.

We visted the garden as first bloom was in its prime. Up to nine buds per blooms. Our rose society members from the other side of the mountains weren’t seeing it in their gardens that spring, comparable to our garden. But up there, it was all over the place.

Could it be that too much fertilizer and water in a slow growing season bring out this growth that otherwise doesn’t appear?

Historically, we have Prolifera de Redoute, which was a dependable enough proliferation for Thorey to describe it and for Redoute to ‘paint’ it.

Actually, 'Prolifera de Redout

Viruses have been shown to promote more/heavier proliferation as is nitogen fertilization.

George asked:Bernhard, do you know what roses were involved in the background of this one, which you binned?

I’ve found the hip in the public green, looks like ‘Palmgarten Frankfurt’, not sure.

But I got another one from Leonardo da Vinci X Brother Cadfeal, even more ugly than the first one -:slight_smile:

it’s on the buttom of the page.



The rose bloomed like that every time, without fail. Consistently horrid. laughs

Gives me an immediate dose of nausea, (and that is rare for me :slight_smile:

There’s a good name for the class… ‘Rosa Emetica’


Another “new” proliferated rose . . . they started a trend?


barf. just buy some ranunculus…

Create your own…either grow Souv. de Claudius Pernet with too much nitrogen, or, if like more current varieties, Tequilla Sunrise with too much nitrogen. Tequilla Sunrise will actually lose all petals and just give you “salad”.

Its true lol. I love that rose, though, despite its faults in bs, too much chlorophyll in the petals and proliferation.

If anyone wants chlorophyll in petals, try using the Bright Smile line. Freedom, Tequila Sunrise and Pretty Lady can all do it in their seedlings.

ann, is this yours?

I love it! Do you think proliferation might be a different manifestation of rose rosette (which we definitely have in the TN valley)?

So . . . what is the difference between Rosa chinensis f. viridiflora and “salad” (and why then does Rosa chinensis f. viridiflora win the victorian class at most every rose show)?


Rosegeeks is my site.

There are a lot of different manifestations of aberrant buds in RRD, but I haven’t seen proliferation, per se.

With RRD, there are parts missing from blooms, rather than replication of buds within a bloom.

Sometimes the petals are missing, sometimes the receptacles, petal color can be messed up as well. I think the Brussels Sprouts picture is somewhere in the book: cute round buds, that were three layers of asymmetric sepals and NOTHING inside them, just empty spaces (it was from out in the St. Louis metro area on a bush that had been sick for more than a year and whose owner thought it had crossed with a blackberry bush in his garden.