Does this rose offer anything for breeding or should I pass on this one. It looks like it could be hard to handle.


Hi Neil!

We grew it for several years…however it NEVER bloomed for us.

So, I eventually got rid of it. I don’t know what it wouldn’t bloom…I never even saw a bud!

Usually, I can figure out why something hasn’t bloomed…pruned at the wrong time, late frost killed the buds, too much stress, etc…but not this time.


This is what they wrote.

I have 3 hybrid tea roses that are fully grown, healthy and produce well that are being crowded by a bed of jerusalem artichoke. One is called Raubritter and it is a pink rose that blooms in sprays. The other two are red hybrid teas, probably by J & P, but of unknown type

The failure to bloom sounds like something with an obligatory cold period needed for bud set.

I see that Warren got something interesting out of it crossing to an Austin.

If Meg Ryan is Sleepless in Seattle, then Raubritter would be Messy in Portland.

The Raubritter I have at home blooms very well in this climate, but last summer with temps in the mid to high 40’s set it back a bit. It is not an easy one to work with as I have only two seedlings from it. One from Charles Austin cross and a rather untidy looking thing which came out of Sympathie.

[attachment 1524 010.jpg] (Charles Austin X Raubritter) perfume is quite strong

Thanks all. I passed on this one. There is already enough hard to work with around here.