Raspberry Kiss (Eyes on Me)

My $10 Lowe’s potted imported Hulthemia from Warner/Certified Roses has begun flowering. I’ve added photos to my blog below. I’m impressed! I particularly like the “block” at the petal bases where they attach to the ovary. It’s quite distinct and noticeable, making almost a cross impression in the center of the bloom.


Very nice Kim. After seeing your pics I’m glad that I ordered this for spring. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, this is healthy rose. I know her as Bright as a Button. This is new plant from last year.
DSCN5717 - kopija.JPG

My Lowes’ special has also started blooming. The center is very dark, holds its’ color well, and the petals blew in 36 hrs. It was very warm (unseasonal) and maybe it will last at least two days in more hospitable weather. So far very nice foliage.