rare pollen from banksiae normalis

For the first time, my single white lady banks rose is blooming, which is exciting. I suspect I will not get many flowers, since the plant is smallish and in a bad area, but I have some pollen.

Problem is that lady banks bloomed first before everything else and the sole reason I bought this was to pollinate my R. foliolosa, which is an early blooming rose, but I had prunned it very lightly to keep it in bounds. Both are diploids and thornless (well, foliolosa is nearly thornless) and my goal was either create an amphidiploid just like Kordes and Basye, or with the aid of surflan.

So I REALLY need to save the pollen, but I’m worried about freezing it. Since Lady Banks is a heat-loving plant, my assumtion is that the freezing the pollen may be bad. Do you think it is possible to leave the pollen out for sevearl weeks, undisturbed of course, at room temperature? My foliolosa doesn’t start blooming until April and May.

Good question. My Rosa banksia lutescens is up for a good bloom this spring and I was wondering the same thing since Ive never froze pollen before (never had to…or the patience to for the modern bush types). I want to try it on R. californica, Leonie Lamesch, R. primula and Danae. I’ll probably have poor success but knowing how to properly store pollen on this nature would be helpful.

BTW, I have noted that many, many plants of sold as Rosa banksia lutea in the Portland Metro (and Im guessing many other areas since it is the same mass distributor or landscape plants to places such as Lowe’s and Home Depot)are really Rosa x fortuniana. This has been 2 years in a row I have noticed this.


I have had very good results with freezing pollen. I’ve gotten seeds from pollen I had in the freezer for about a year and a half. I wouldn’t think that the relative cold hardiness of the plant would effect the freezability (if that is a word) of the pollen. As long as the pollen is completely dry, it should take freezing fine. If you are worried, however, refrigeration certainly will not hurt, and I would expect would keep it good for several weeks.


Enrique, go ahead and freeze the pollen. There’ll be no problem with it.