Random factlet..

I am using the new All the Rage this year. So far, so good. I put it on an aplicot floribunda seedling from Solitaire x Baby Love. At any rate, it is a semi-double salmon toned Buck-like Shrub.

Interesting note, though: It smells identical to Trier. I have both, and have had multiple people sniff both. The strength and type of scent are identical-- that very odd, yet sweet musky scent. So, not only is All the Rage decent on health and vigor, it also smells like a hybrid musk, lol. I thought this would be good to add since it is one of the mure unique/rare scents in the rose world. But I do wonder where All the Rage derived it scent from? Whether the source is an accumulation or a single entity, it does make one wonder why two rather disparate roses smell identical.

Perhaps it’s the expression of the multiflora that is in the distant past of Morden Centennial.