Ralph Moore 101

Many of us have visited Mr. Moore, listened to, and learned from him about rose breeding - you might call the course, “Ralph Moore - Rose Breeding 101”. Yesterday he turned 101 years old. Though a bit more frail, and a bit more hard of hearing, he remains in very good spirits and is looking forward to seeing his new seedlings germinating and blooming this spring. He is still sharp and is also planning his crosses for still more seedlings next year.

Jim Sproul

Good to see you again Jim. Wish we had more time to chat. Mr. Moore has quite a few groupies. lol. He seemed to enjoy himself.


Thanks for the pic; so nice to see Mr. Moore at his birthday celebration.

Remember when Japan started to refer to some of its special citizens who had done marvelous things in different fields and began the concept of referring to them as National Treasures.

Considering his very large body of work with roses, practically single handedly creating and promoting the miniature rose class and how he has generously helped others in rose breeding ( I remember reading how when Dee Bennett wanted to start breeding minis, most of the other breeders did nothing to help her and discouraged her ( what, a woman) except for Mr. Moore who not only encouraged her and mentored her but gave her some of her initial breeding stock and look how successful she became. He has mentored so many.



He sure has had an enchanted life. He, in my opinion, feels like the kind of person that got all out of what life has to give. And, likewise, he seems be the kind of person that gives all he can.

Robert, it was great catching up with you also. It was a special time being with Mr. Moore too. He is so inspiring to still be looking forward to the future.

Jim, I like your description of Mr. Moore as being a National Treasure - he really is.

Jadae, you really hit the nail on the head to characterize Mr. Moore as the kind of person that gives all that he can. He is truly the example of the giver that gives, receives back, and then still gives more.

I hope that he gets some really great seedlings this spring that he gets to see.

Jim Sproul


Link: www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-01/tau–mrb011108.php

Hopefully, by some means, this might lead to a greater availability of Ralph Moore’s roses in Canada.

Jim Sproul:

Thanks for this topic. The first time I took up hybridizing it was because Moore’s Fairy Moss made it so easy back in the 70’s. Had it not been for those happy memories I never would have taken it up again and encouraged my daughter Adair to do so. I sense that his generous spirit has been the inspiration for the extraordinary generosity that Adair and I have encountered with the wonderful people we have “met” in the few months we have been on this forum.

Bob Williams soon to return to New Orleans.

Hi Bob,

Mr. Moore has inspired so many of us - perhaps all of us on the forum. His example has spoken more loudly than his words.

Best wishes for success in your rediscovered rose hybridizing hobby!

Jim Sproul

Henry Kuska:

Thanks for link to Texas A & M article. Any idea when they may make some of Moore’s roses available again?

Bob of New Olreans

From what I have learned. Most of us have either learned directly or indirectly from moore. I hope that not only his roses will be preserved but his knowledge will be preserved also. Maybe someone who knows him will write his stories and experiences down so they will not be lost.

On secound thought a better idea would be take video recording if he would agree to it.

Kim Rupert and Jim Delahanty spent days getting Mr. Moore on tape. Fortunately they got it done before his health declined.

Will Kim or Jim ever make these tapes available. I am sorry to hear that his health has declined. He seems to mean alot to many of you out their.

OK, I had it mixed up, apparently, “the participants were Paul Barden, Kim, and John Petrulla”, according to Jim D.

Mel Hulse was also involved.

I’ve got to assume getting the tapes into some type of edited format would be a daunting task.

Perhaps if we are patient they will surface in some form or another.

That will be a very fantastic and valuable work. I look forward to its release - and will be patient about waiting!

Jim Sproul