Rainbow Bliss, PP7894 Hybridizer?

I was able to track down the hybridizer of the miniature rose “Rainbow Bliss” using the US Patent Office Search engine. The plant patent was transferred to De Vor Nurseries Inc. of Watsonville, California by Stanley Marciel. I am interested in getting permission to prpagate it and am wondering if anyone has the address of De Vor Nurseries.

Ralph Hoekstra

DeVor declared bankruptcy a few years ago. I know that some hybridizers sued and eventually got ownership of their patents back from DeVor, but I don’t think that Stanley Marciel sued since he was one of the principals of DeVor. Some of the principals of DeVor started a new company called Rose Gene Technology. Stanley Marciel has retired, but his son George still works there. Here is the contact info for Rose Gene Technology: http://4256.pajarovalleybiz.com/

BTW, Rose Gene Technology purchased the Carlton Rose Nursery, so you can also contact them through the Carlton web site: http://www.carltonrose.com/

Thanks! I sent e-mails to both orgs.