R. virginiana and R. carolina, difference in foilage

I can’t remember whom I traded R. foliolosa for a species rose that is growing in some shade. I can remember that the trade came from Richmond, Virginia-- hence my confusion with R. virginiana. But then at that time, I was trying R. carolina and Swamp Rose. I am sure that it is either virginiana or carolina. Maybe someone can help. The foilage is long and willowy, not unlike R. foliolosa, but a little more stout. And there are numerious amount of thorns. I will send pics tommorow of buds and leaves. It has spread to make a 2 foot suckering bush, 2 foot high. And the flowers are a lovely shade of pinky lavender. It blooms fairly late. It is barely blooming now.

I think this may have come from Paul Olsen, but I haven’t heard him for a little while.

Here a pictures. I’m pretty sure it’s virginiana.

Link: forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/rosesname/msg0720445819850.html

It looks like virginiana to me. But I’ve never seen carolina so I might be mistaken if they two are very similar. Your description sounds like virginiana – only a lot smaller than any I have seen. But it does bloom very late and suckers like mad.

Yeah, it does bloom pretty late… I wanted to cross it with foliolosa as the pollen parent, but foliolosa is already done. I’ve saved pollen for next year. It’s still new, and suckering a lot.