R. stellata var. mirifica - burst rose hip

During my last inspection I discovered a burst rosehip on R. stellata var. mirifica. I suspect that the sharp drop in temperature combined with heavy rain and storm over the last few days have caused this damage. The weather ist getting better again. Is there any hope for me that the nutlets inside can still come to maturity? Many thanks for help!

I would think the seeds would stand a chance of maturing. Nature provides for such occurrences as they happen. Exogenous seed, those which form outside the mouth of the ovary, frequently germinate and I’ve never observed any failure to germinate of any seed from split hips. I’d leave it alone and wait for it to indicate it’s ready for harvesting. Good luck!


Many thanks for your prompt reply! These are good news for me.

You’re welcome! They’re much more durable and able than we often give them credit for being.