R. roxburghii germination

For many years I have been trying to germinate open pollinated seeds of R. roxburghii. I think one year (early on) I did get a few to germinate, but I was never able to raise a seedling to maturity. I have also sent the seeds to others. To the best of my recollection, I have never been notified that any germinated.

The following is a reported method that worked. Please keep in mind that the local wheather conditions may have a lot to do with their success and my failure.

Title: Domesticating and culturing method of wild rosa roxburghii as medicinal plant.

Author: Chen, Yunzhang.

Authors affiliation: (Peop. Rep. China).

Published in: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing Gongkai Shuomingshu (2006), 5 pages. Patent written in Chinese. Application: CN 1000-5516 20060108.

Abstract: "The inventive domesticating and culturing method of wild Rosa roxburghii comprises selecting seeds from trees with big fruits and strong distress tolerance, treating the seeds by soaking in clean water for 48 h, storing for 24 h under a temp. of -1

Got seeds from a US bot garden in 2002. From China wild collected plants. They germinated like cress sown in january in a cold greenhouse experiencing down to frost temps. Actually I have a nice lot of strong plants and many OP green hips.

We have a very very dry year here (last rain to consider in february) and this species that has strong vertical roots is among the very best for drougth resistance.

Pierre Rutten

I have tentative success using roxburghii plena pollen this season. At least I have seed. I’ll post as soon as I get germinations. I’m actually very surprised I have seed set.

From my memory I had really good germination from the op seed I collected of it from the MN landscape arb. There is only one plant there and I suspect it is self incompatible and neighboring species served as the male parents. I had a lot of hybrid breakdown among the seedlings, probably due to wide crosses. One diploid seedling made it and is growing great and overwinters just fine (better than female), but hasn’t ever flowered. I’ve shared cuttings of it a couple years ago. Has anyone else seen this seedling flower?



I bought some seeds from Chiltern a while back. Ended up with several seedlings and still have 3 or 4 left.

I am not sure where Chiltern gets thier seed from. I do like the plant.

I had a fair amount of success getting the seeds to germinate but dont remember how long it took for them to germinate.

They arrived in a paper pouch and were dried out. I soaked them overnight in water and put directly into peat moss filled petri dish. Placed them in the fridge for 3 months and then kept them in a cool dark closet where they germinated.

I got a hip of R. rugosa rubra X R. roxburghii normalis this year. There were several dozen seeds in it, but they were smaller than normal R.r.r. seeds. They are in the fridge now.

Oh cool. This gives me hope for when I use it in 2 years. I didnt expect much when I bought it. I was mainly curious because it is a strange rose. A lot of the reference material on it about diploid to tetraploidis confusing.

I just found this one. It’s parentage isnt in HMF.

Cool, eh?