R. primrose

I am looking for a source of seeds or plants of R. primrose.

Also has anyone ever tried to use R. primula in their crosses?

I have tried R. primula in crosses and have a few seedlings of Apart (a rugosa) x R. primula and one of Orange Honey x R. primula. I have tried many more crosses, but haven’t got successful seed set and germination. I love the species and have collected pollen from it already (it blooms so early!) to try again this year. The seedlings mentioned are in their third season now and haven’t bloomed yet and seem small and weak. Hopefully they will have at least a few blooms this spring.



Hi David - Thanks for the information, it is never easy but it sounds promising. Now I am more interested than ever in attempting crosses with this species. Keep trying and let us know what happens when your plants flower.

Take care, Randy

I have a plant I purchased as R. primula from Pickering. It does have an odd scent, but not as strong smelling as a plant I once smelled. It could be growing conditions though. It is setting seed, and I can send you seeds in the fall if you remind me. I may be able to send cuttings, but I’ve heard this is a hard to root plant.


Thank you Joan I will try to remember to remind you in the fall.

The lack of scent may not be culteral. I remember reading somewhere (on one of the rose nursery websites) that there are two different strains making the rounds one with very fragrant foliage the other rather weak.

A friend of mine turned me on to an airlayering kit for difficult to root plants. I will put info about it on the main forum.

I just realized I gave the wrong species name, luckily everyone knew which rose I was talking about.

Thanks, Randy