R. persica achenes

I saw a comment on the hulthemia thread. Here is the essence of one paper on the achene of R. persica Michx. It was by H. He, and several Japanese,plus two other Chinese workers and appeared in Acta Horticulturae 547:129-140, the 3rd Intl Symp on Rose Res and Cult in 2001. They were looking at "Morphological character and germination in achenes of " RP. They found low ABA levels and rapid germination. Imbibition (water uptake) was greater than in R multiflora. They measured pericarp growth and found it continues 200 days after anthesis (flowering). The outer pericarp is thicker than in R mult. I didn’t take more notes as tehre wasn’t much about germination techniques which is what I was looking for.