R. multiflora nana

I was wondering if anyone knew of a source for this rose. Can’t seem to find one in the United States. Seems to me that it would make a great parent.

Hi Adam,

I have a double selection of “R. multiflora nana” I could probably provide op seed from (not sure how many hips are left). It would be a nice rose if it didn’t black spot so badly.

I also have a single flowered nana seedling with “R. wichuraiana” as the pollen parent; it flowers continuously but it’s as susceptible to BS as “nana”. Some of its OP seedlings have better BS resistance, and one in particular has a stronger fragrance than either parent. You are welcome to some OP seeds.

I have a few “nana” seedlings this year with “R. moschata” as the pollen parent. They all BS badly, hopefully I can recover resistance in the F2.

I would use “multiflora nana” more in breding but for the tendency to pass on black spot susceptibility.

Just let me know if you would like the OP seed.

Alternatively “B & T World Seeds” sell seed for this species. the seed germinate easily and the plants flower in the first year so seed is as good an option as finding plants.

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Link: www.b-and-t-world-seeds.com/carth.asp?species=Rosa%20multiflora%20Nana&sref=2458

Jinks, have you ever grown ‘Nastarana’?

What do people think about ‘The Gift’? I heard that it may just be a selection of R. multiflora nana. I saw it at a friend’s in MN and ‘The Gift’ seemed very healthy with lots of blackspot around on nearby roses. Perhaps there are just different races of blackspot here. Have you grown ‘The Gift’ Jinks? I was able to root some cuttings of it later this summer and am excited to grow it in my garden in the future.



I grew The Gift for a few years, but haven’t had it for 5 or 6 years. It appeared to have R. multiflora ancestry, but it grows much larger than R. multiflora nana. It got 4 to 5 feet tall here. It was very healthy, but somewhat gangly.

I would appreciate OP seed. My email is Tuffgongad@yahoo.com you can email me with the details. I am sorry that they get blackspot but maybe this can be bred out. I really like the quality of the seeds being so easy to grow. This is what sparks my interest the most. I think it is a good trait to start out with.

Interesting that you find B.S. on RM nana. I have something I got as seed 3 decades ago from Wayside Gardens or someone like that, maybe when they were still located in Ohio. I think it was labeled R chinensis minima. Anyway it is fully hardy to well below zero F, blooms all summer and has never shown a single infected leaf. Flowers look just like regular RM ion size but some are more pink and mostly two rows of petals. It is reasonably fertile and sets hips. Easy to grow from cuttings or seed which seems to come fairly true from OP seed. I have killed off most of my plants but have one that grows to abt 3 ft and another little pinker one in a 1 gal pot that suffers from the root crowding. But I’m too lazy to do anything more with it.

Adam, if you want, I’ll try to make some cuttings now though it may be a bit late in the season. We had significant frost the past couple weeks but the plant was still full of blooms.

It’s not the right topic in this but now you guys talking about seeds. :wink:

Is their any possibility that people can arrange some R. minutifolia Engelm. seeds ?

I’m in love with this little fella.



Larry that sounds great. I am kind of new to this stuff so you can give me details at my email listed above.

Timothy I have never heard of R. minutifolia Engelm. Why do you love it so? Is it another miniature strain of a species? I want to work with species but most of them are just to big for me. I did recently buy some R. winchuriana porterifolia which I read about in an older forum post while working on a data base I am putting together on different roses.


Look at the link below and look at the picture with the hand. It is so sweet looking.

I orderen Rosa pseudoscabriuscula, Glauca and Moyesii yesterday.

Hoped that minutifolia seed was sold at B&T World Seeds but no luck on that one.


Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=11635&tab=10

Found two sources for Rosa minutifolia. The first one is sold out and the secound one I do not think they ship. But maybe you live in california.


I really like the foliage on this plant. It seems unusual in the pictures at least. The flowers are not too bad. They have a weird shade to them but maybe it is just the photo. Maybe someone in Cal has seed for you.