R. multibracteata and R. bracteata-- related or not?

The name confuses me just a little. Are they the same rose species, or not? I’ve assumed that they were seperate species, but one person told me that they are the same thing.




Different species. Multibracteata is in the pink range while Bracteata is in the white range.

Species can very within group. For example, there is white and the magneta pink rugosa. Same species, different colors. Even then, the first pic is a hybrid of multibracteata, Cerise Bouquet, and not the actual pic of multibracteata.

R. bracteata is in the Bracteatae section of the genus Rosa. R. multibracteata is in the Cassiorhodon (Cinnamomeae) section, so they are not closely related.

The first pic shows the species with the hybrid. Look closer =)