R. Minutifolia


I have 4 potted R. Minutifolias that I bought several weeks ago at Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens annual plant sale. I did check out a mature speciman of this rose which is very beautiful(located next to one of the buildings on the grounds). Long thin bristle and prickle covered canes that arch delicately toward the ground forming a dense thicket. At the end of each cane was one single flower bud, none were open at the time I was there. I would say the rose was approx. 3 ft in height by 3 ft in width. There is another more massive stand of R. Minutifolia located on the Rancho Santa Ana’s 80 acres but I was not able to locate it. I was just too exhausted by the end of the day to continue my search. I had driven 300 miles from central California to attend the sale.

***According to Lenz (1982), five rooted cuttings planted at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in 1954 had become “one large tangled mass” nearly 30 feet across by 1982, though the species is otherwise “an extremely rare plant” in horticultural circles. Although generally requiring a hot, dry climate (Kr

I am very jaleous! Hope i get my hands on one some day.

What a great little plant! Diploid?


there arrived two R. cv “Nana” to my garden this autumn.

I haven

Rosariumrob can tell you a lot about that subject. It’s kinda expansive and to get your material through costums takes a lot of time and paperwork. Would be great when they loosen up a bit on that point. Timo

Hi Ren

R. multiflora ‘Nana’ is said to have been bred by L

Hi all,

I have read various reports regarding the origins of R. multiflora ‘Nana’, that it was found growing wild, was bred in France and that it sported from R. multiflora.

Its date of introduction has been listed between 1850 and 1880 depending on the source, and it was originally listed as R. Polyantha nana.

I don’t think that we can be sure at this point as to the true origin of the plant.

I would say however that R. multiflora ‘Nana’ and R chinensis minima are near identical; apart from the fact that multiflora ‘Nana’ is strongly fragrant, where as chinensis minima has no discernable fragrance.

I grow both plants and would not be able to tell them apart but for the scent, and suspect that they are related, if not selections of the same plant.

I don’t grow ‘The Gift’ but I’m certain from its description and photographs that it’s not directly related to multiflora ‘Nana’.

Robert, no I don’t grow Nastrana, I just have R. moschata

I purchased it for its foliage colour and fragrance about 8 years ago but hadn’t got found to using it until last year.

Adam, I don’t have any ripe hips at the moment but have covered the remaining unripe hips and will email you when they are ripe. There are plenty of hips on the (R. multiflora ‘Nana’ X R. wichuraiana) seedling so I’ll send a few with the nana seed when they are ready.

Take care,


That sounds really cool. I like the sound of of a Nana wichuraiana cross.Thank you Jinks.

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