R. Glauca

Has anyone ever seen 9 leaves on Glauca? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen more than seven and there is a picture on HMF that shows 9.


It’s not very clear, but I think the bottom right leaflet on the Redout

Thanks Cass, that sure looks like 9 to me. Will have to wait til leafed out to see if mine has nine. The reason I asked is because one of my Glauca X Fedtschenkoana seedlings which has very red foilage has nine leaves. Thought maybe I could tell if it is a self or an R. Fedt by the number of leaves. Oh well will have to wait til it grows up some more.


I just read a description of Rosa ferruginea Vill. by Cr

I have never seen one with nine. I have seen seed grown ones that have everything from nine to seven. The one I am working with has mostly five with some threes and some sevens. This and the leaves aren’t exactly the same shade as others in the nursery where I bought it from suggest to me it was a natural hybrid. I bought it because of this and I also noticed that it had some seedlings growing in the pot with it so I thought their was a good chance it was fertile. It is probably a cross with R. woodsii because they grow a lot of it by seed also.

The picture that Cass put up I think the artist took a little liberty in order to create more balance in the picture. One major clue to this is no other leaf shows seven leaflets. The way they place the flower and the one lone hip also suggest to me they know the concept and use it.