R. clinophylla update, please read.

After some discussion with Gene Waering, who passed these seeds on to me, there is now considerable doubt that these are R. clinophylla seedlings. Gene send me two batches of seed and one was R. clinophylla and the other was a hybrid involving R. bracteata, some other species, and ‘Perle d’Or’. Since these seedlings are blooming very young, it seems more likely that these are remontant R. bracteata offspring. To those of you I offered plants of R. clinophylla, I must apologize, since it is likely that this is not what these are. I would still be willing to part with some of the ones that are not going to bloom, as they may still be of great value in a breeding program.


Actually, Paul, I’m even more interested now. R. bracteata x Perle d’Or cross would be great if that’s what it happens to be!

Sounds good to me. I’ll try anything once. Although if you end up with clinophylla in the future I’d still love to have one. The mere idea of roses that like too much water is a dream for anyone in my hometown.