R. alabukensis

Is anyone working with this species? Does anyone have any information as to ploidy? David? Thanks, Robert

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?i=A44736&tab=1

I’ve made some crosses with it, despite its tendency to get blackspot. The seedlings from its pollen on a yellow mini (Rise 'n Shine?) have nearly all been repeat-blooming. I’d guess it’s tetraploid, but I’m not sure I have any reason to think that. I’ll probably try to make some more crosses with it this year–didn’t do any last year, but did some the year before.

Hi Peter, thanks for the information. I’m sorry to hear about the blackspot.

I have a double form. It bloomed early but now I have a late blossom and I’ve been trying to decide what to try the pollen on. Robert

Hi Robert,

Wow, it looks beautiful. Is it pretty hardy? I don’t know the ploidy or even find it listed in Modern Roses 11. Do you think it is a cross of a couple other species? I have my thesis defense and graduate tomorrow, but should have access to the microscope and resources here for another month. If you can send me some root tips before the end of June I’ll try to do a chromosome count.

Wow Peter! Repeat blooming seedlings of it with 'Rise ‘N Shine’!!! That’s great.


Hi David, I’ll be starting a new job soon but if I can get some root tips out to you I will. In fact I have a small plant I can send your way, if interested?

You had offered to possibly get some pollen ploidy information regarding both Lila Banks and Riverbanks for me. If the offer is still good I could use some instruction on how to send those samples properly.

Check out these photos. The small plant I have to offer is probably the single form. I don’t know as it hasn’t flowered.

This double form was in the batch of alakubnesis seedlings I got from Joan Monteith but I have’t propagated it yet. It reminds me of photos I have seen of Hemisphaerica. I called it Flore-Pleno as I didn’t know what else to call it.

It pretty much holds this globular form, then shatters but there seems to be plenty of pollen and I have some hips forming using it.

Thanks, Robert

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=48547