Questionable practice or ?

Don… that’s easy to answer. The ARS was delighted when we let them know that Greenheart was selling previously registered roses with a new name. They, too, decided to add the “synonym”.

All of the roses were out of patent and the ARS does not have any authority to insist that a rose be sold by the registered name.

Sad isn’t it ?



Well, Lyn, if nothing else it speaks volumes that Greenheart let HMF know.

Kim, somewhere on another thread you mentioned having been a fan of Babs. Time to dig out Second Hand Rose…

“Having” been, not really a “fan”, but I’d always thought she had a great set of pipes. Learning more about the PERSON behind the voice from people who had personal experience with her, spoiled that fairly quickly. As for her rose, it smells good and can have really pretty flowers at times. The plant, however, in my experience, is a train wreck. The only other rose I ever grew that could have spider mites, rust, mildew AND black spot simultaneously was Buck’s Blue Skies. That was a hemophiliac for me. Kim

OMG, this is like one of my pet peeves! I hate it when these companies just arbitrarily change a rose’s name for marketing purposes! Like it isn’t already confusing enough out there! For exhibitors who need to have the correct name to show it’s a real pain! Bad enough that some places reuse the same names for different roses over and over but changing a rose’s name is really confusing. I bought “Peppermint Patty” this spring which turned out to be Chelsea Brittlyn incognito. I was thrilled about that but you can’t always figure out what the actual exhibition names are. However, my all time top gripe is the Lowes/Home Depot “red rose”, “yellow rose”, etc. tags that they started using the last couple of years. And there is no information on the tags to try and ID the real name with. Arrrgh!!!

I was irritated when I purchased a ‘supermarket’ mini some years ago that was PBR (therefore supposedly patented) but had no breeders code on the label. That meant I could not check any further re ‘real’ name, or parentage. I would also question if the PBR was genuine in that the ‘real’ identity was not given.


Seil I don’t know what your complaining about there can’t be that many red roses out there!

Of course, Adam, what was I thinking. Only a few THOUSANDS, ha, ha!

A Few Thousand may be a little low.