Question on a seedling from two years ago.

I have a rose I raised from some OP hips that I got from Fairmount Cemetery in Denver on vacation. It bloomed a real nice looking old rose bloom the first season, also repeated. Not a thing so far this season. How long until I should give up and send it North? Should I try to force it with Fortuniana?

I might be dreaming something up… but I think I remember reading somewhere that in the deep South… to force some otherwise unadapted roses into bloom, that they can be fooled into thinking they’ve experienced a winter by stripping them of all of their leaves. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

I read that in a miniature rose book.

Never heard that …I thought taking the blooms off of the roses was bad enough.

I find it rather weird that grafting onto fortuniana per se could affect remontancy of juvenile roses???

In warm climates, R. Fortunieana tends to push the variety budded to it into perpetual growth, which sometimes results in improved blooming.