Question for Jim Sproul


Are you going to release the purple single rose on your website?

What an amazing color! If the plant is even halfway decent, I think there would be a market for this rose. I have never seen anything like it.


I second Shane

I’ll “third” that, about the purple single.

Really nice.

Almost forgot. Congratulations on the release of Honey Dijon!! I am looking forward to growing it next year.

Wow, thanks Shane, Jinks and Tom for the nice comments! People really seem to like that purple color. I have to apologize because the plant is just not good enough to introduce. I have been working on improving the plant now for 3 generations and am making good progress. One new seedling this year might “be there”, but I won’t know until next spring.

The “unusual mini” has been propagated and is looking quite clean outside. It is definitely not “rosey”, but might be of interest for its novelty. ‘Geisha’ is a fantastic parent and can be used both ways. It just needs to be paired with a parent that is “clean”.

‘Honey Dijon’ does set hips, but is better as a pollen parent and seems to pass on unusual coloration to its progeny. I hope that you like it!

Jim Sproul