Question about Captan and potting soil

I thought I read somewhere that adding a little captan with your potting soil may help damping off.

Does this sound right? Cant remember where I read it.

I bought some Captan. I guess I should have read the label, especially the part where it says ‘prevents damping off’.

Going try it.

Yes, it will control damping off fungi. However, please be careful handling Captan as it has been deemed a likely Carcinogen. Don’t allow it to come in contact with food items in any way.


I have some captan and have used it and it does help reduce damping off. I have gotten some phytotoxicity though, slowed growth and stressed seedlings- that’s better than dead seedlings I suppose. Good warning Paul. I should have worn a dust mask or my respirator in the past working with Captan. I remember after using it feeling ill once and try to avoid it now.

I have tried H2O2 like Henry advocates and it has been helpful. Lately I’ve misted Immunox on the soil surface after planting seeds in open flats (I only do a portion of my seeds this way since I don’t have the room to do it for all) and it has helped a lot and I haven’t noticed the same degree of stunting. As the years have gone by I realize more and more that in preventing damping off I get the best results trying to use an integrated approach- soilless media, don’t overwater, good air cirrulation and light… Chemicals seldom totally overcome a very conducive environment for damping off, but can be one of multiple tools in prevention.