Purezza AKA The Pearl banksia roses

Has anyone got any experiance with this rose. I have been extreamly intrested with banksia breeding for the past year or two and finially got this one after reading about its’ not to invasive habbit. I can’t have banksia covering the rest of my roses! I’m basically intrested breeding this with mini roses for its’ disease resistance and thornlessness. Enrique.


I did grow Purezza.

Mansuino its breeder did raise some never registered vars from Purezza and other similar crosses. His grandson Andrea Mansuino is following this path. I did know a few that were long stemmed everblooming minis aimed at greenhouse cutflower growing.

As all Banks var or hybrids with less than best air circulation it is no powdery Mildew resistant.

Less invasive it is and also much less fertile.

For breeding purpose I would advise you the single banksiae normalis and b. lutescens.

Friendly yours

Pierre Rutten

Thanks Pierre for the advice. Since I have Purezza in the ground, I’m not going to the trouble of taking it out. I think it will be fun to play with it with the other difficult to hybridize roses that I grow in my garden. I’m surprise to hear that seedlings of this rose made cutflower type of roses.

I have good news. I have aquired a fully fertile single flower tetraploid form of banksia, although I have no idea to place it since this is a especially huge rambler. I may grow it on someone else’s property if I can find one close to San Jose. As long I can come by to collect pollen, I’m cool. Anyone here wants to help? Your incentive is the use of this rose in your breeding program. I have details of how I’ve aquired this rose, from whom, and the details of its creation.


I’ve got room and would be happy to grow it. I work in Morgan Hill and could bring pollen there most weekdays. That would be quite a bit closer for you than coming down to my house near Watsonville.

I think I’ll be getting it tommorow via UPS. I would love to have it growing in a big safe area. I’ll send you an email.


Hi Enrique,

I would love to grow a plant or two of that tetraploid b. normalis you’ve acquired. I’m in central San Francisco presently, but also have a garden in Los Angeles for the more tender plants. Please email me. Thanks.

PS I love that ‘violet’ perfume and would love to pass it on to future generations… I grow the double white banksia in LA and can attest to the light/moderate scent. How’s the single form of it compare?

The tetraploid hybrid is not of my breeding, but of someone else’s efforts. If I have permission to release freely, I will. But first I need to get it. I was soppose to get it last November and December, but the person is taking quite some time to send it.

I’m a little bit confused. So the tetraploid single you’re talking about is a hybrid of banksia and not a form of banksia normalis that has had it’s chromosomes doubled? I assumed you were talking about a completely different rose and not “Purezza” when you mentioned a tetraploid single. If the single is a hybrid, what is it’s parentage?

Yea, it isn’t fully banksia. It is 1/2 banksia, but I cannot say anymore. I think I may have given too much info without consent. This rose has an advantage of being able to breed with other tetraploid roses such as modern hybrid teas and floribundas, and banksia is a hard rose to breed with. Now you know why I’m not really able to say out my mind. But I will release the exact info when I have permission to do so, and if I have permission to do so, give cuttings very WAY into the future. I’ve been asking about this rose since last September-- 7 months already. So it may be years before I can harvest propogation material of this intresting rose. But first I need to get it… patience is key to happy living… sigh.

Gotcha. Well, let me know. If it’s like any other banksia out there, it’s not gonna take that long to build propagation material.