Propogating a mini... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

Hi folks,

Pictured below is “Maman Ichiko,” Golden Celebration x Scarlet Parade (probably). Apart from the fact that she’s a really nice plant, she has a powerful lily-of-the-valley fragrance!

Problem is, the plant you see below is the only one there is. I’ve tried the plastic bag propagation method and the aquarium propagation method, and so far all cuttings have died.

Anybody have any hints how to get this rose to propagate? help!


here’s the whole plant…

Fara, of course should should try one or two eye soft wood cuttings made just after flowering. In my climate hardwood cuttings stuck in the Fall have been easiest.

If you’re in a hurry to make propagation material nothing beats budding. Cute mini.

I second Robert’s suggestion: bud a few eyes onto some understock if you can. I can provide you a few rooted sticks of a proprietary understock. email me for more info if you wish.


Ditto what Robert said about softwood cuttings. However, if that hasn’t worked well, I’ve discovered that taking cuttings as soon as the bud shows color and then setting them in a small amount of plain water in a cup under lights or in a warm window until they start to callus, then sticking the pre-callused cuttings via the usual baggie method, can help to prevent premature losses from rotting or disease. They only spend a fraction of the time sealed in plastic that way before they’ve successfully rooted, and since they are able to callus in clean water, they no longer have an open wound at the time of getting stuck in soil.

Good luck, the fragrance sounds wonderful!

Air-layering sometimes works for roses that are difficult to root. See:


Or try to treat it as a china and fall propagate it.

Hi, everyone,

Thanks for all your ideas! I think I may try them all, in so far as I can with such a tiny plant! I’ll let you know what works. Thanks again!


Hi, folks,

Thanks for all the ideas. I tried every one, and I’m happy to finally report that except for the stem that kept in water until it formed a callous (it never did) all the cuttings are showing topgrowth, three of the five seem well rooted, and one is leafing out splendidly! I’m so glad there will no longer only be one of this little rose. Thanks so much again!

One thing you might try next time is adding bottom heat. One easy way to do this is a heating pad used to start seedlings. It seems to speed up rooting and seems to increase the success rate.

That’s one fine looking seedling. I always layer any real good plants that develop for me. I’m not good with rooting rose cuttings and layering almost always yields me good results.



Did you ever get you mini rose to root? If so what method(s) did you use.