I just received my Jung Seed catalog and they have for sale what they are calling a “Compact Plant Trainer” for seed starting AND propagating cuttings. Never heard of such a thing but for $20 I think I’ll give it a try. My propagation from cuttings efforts have been lousy.

See Item No. 52920. The website doesn’t have a picture of it but it looks like a typical seed starter tray with deep indiviual holes, bottom self watering tray and cover.


Lori, I have to admit that I have pretty good luck with cuttings, I’ve set up a propagation bench, but have you tried the methods posted via the ARS website?

Some involve using ziplocks or translucent Rubbermaid containers. They are reportedly very inexpensive and easy to use and have a high succes rate.

Just FYI in case you weren’t aware of the information.

Thanks, Robert