Progress with Bankisa Hybrids

I’m pleased to say I have flowering of the following banksia hybrids from my work last season.

You can look them up via HMF. They involve R. californica, R. clinophylla, R. Sempervirens, R. bracteata, R. helenae, R. xanthina and R. alabukensis.

Riverbanks x Silver Dawn

Riverbanks x Ganges Mist

Riverbanks x (R. helenae x R. rouletti)

Riverbanks x Star Dust (first seedling a yellow mini and first recorded descendant of ‘Star Dust’)

I also got yellow out of Joycie x Lila Banks.

Riverbanks x R. xanthina and Riverbanks x R. alabukensis appear to be a hybrids but didn’t give me yellow.

I’m going to have fun mixing these up and selecting them for color etc. assuming I can carry them forward.

I noticed recently my first cross of Riverbanks x Annie Laurie MacDowell was dying. It is likely a delayed incompatibility is at work here. I tried to bud the seedling before I lost it but I doubt success.

Some of these wide crosses apparently aren’t meant to be. Riverbanks x Annie Laurie MacDowell is a triploid x diploid cross as are some of these other species crosses.


Here is the best of the Riverbanks x Silver Dawn seedlings. I’m pleased with it.

I wish it had fragrance but considering the lineage it’s miraculous enough as it is.

It’s too early to tell about growth habit. This is only the second flowering. I’ll attempt budding it to an established stock so I can tell better what it’s going to do as a mature plant.


And rightly so, Robert. (to be pleased, that is)

That is a nice seedling. Good luck with it.


That is a great looking seedling!

Thanks Tom, Liz, I can’t wait to start mixing these with my other evergreen crosses.

I can now select out for a tendency to smoothness in some seedlings too.

Still unfolding, size about 2 1/2 "


Wow, very nice seedling, especially with that innovative parentage! Congrats.


Thanks, yes, this will probably take me in a new direction.

I’ll be interested to get this one tested for blackspot tolerance. It should be good but you know how that goes.

Very nice Robert!

Jim Sproul

Here is one of the latest seedling photos taken this morning.

Amazing it can look this good during one of our hottest months. I can’t wait to see it next Spring.

This one is a banksia bracteata californica clinopylla hybrid.

Next season I will probably use it extensively as I see yellow here. I’ll likely try putting mixing it with the stuff I created out of the Moore bracteatas among others.